Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Job!!

Well, it is true folks - I have taken a new job which I am very excited about! On September 10th I will be starting a groundschool at Canadian North for the Dash 8. Initially, I thought I was going to get a spot on the boeing, but they needed another person on the Dash, so I accepted it. After some thought, I think it is for the best anyway; it is a much smaller and more manageable step along my aviation career. Plus, I have always wanted to fly a Dash anyway.
I remember back when I was doing my flight training in Moncton, we would often see the beautiful red Coast Guard Dash 8 fly under us in our practice area. Since then, I thought that I would love to fly one of those and now I get to!!
I have really enjoyed my time with Bar XH, but I have been there for three years now, much longer than most. I was the last surviving employee from my initial groundschool! Everyone else had previously taken other jobs. I really liked my job there and have had tons of fun and learned a lot. I don't regret a single day spent there as it is a good company to work for.
Canadian North is somewhere that I always thought that I might want to work. So far, my experience with them has been fantastic - great people! I'm really looking forward to this new adventure!! Wish me luck!


Blogger pingcat said...

Congratulations on the move. Does this mean you won't come see Brad and me?

Same old same old for me. Again, congrats!

30 August, 2008 19:37  
Blogger Capt.Anup said...

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06 September, 2008 02:26  
Blogger Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Congrats! I have been so tied up with things that I have not visited your blog in a while. Have not forgotten you though! I wish you all the best in your Dash career! You'll get your chance on the Boeing some day don't worry. Cheers!

06 September, 2008 02:28  

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