Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where does the time go?

After my trip to Gull Lake I had done some other fun stuff which I was all prepared to post on, but the rest of the summer just seemed to slip away. I had to go down to Seattle for recurrent sim training and that took up some time and energy! I did manage to go camping another time or two and I even went once with other people! Imagine - the novelty of non-solo camping! It was lots of fun.

What else, well my excellent gal pal Thenes got a job at my company and recently completed her PPC on the King air! I just remember how exciting it was for me so it's been fun sharing in her excitement now! I've also enjoyed hearing some amazing stories of flying up north from my other most excellent gal pal The South African. She recently just returned from a 2-3 week stay in Nunuvut where she and her flying partner carted around a bunch of hunters. It sounded amazing and I will bite my tongue on what I think about trophy hunting.....!!

Anyway, not a lot to say right now considering I have been lazy for so long on this blog! Maybe I will just post a small assortment of pictures instead of writing more right now!!

I actually went to a number of company going away parties this summer with people leaving for things like Jazz and WJ and all sorts of things! The parties were fun, but not so fun to say good bye to lots of good people.

Here are a couple of cool clouds; one on the way to
Fargo and the other on my way to my house!

Yes, I even did help install some flooring in the basement!


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