Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gull Lake

This week I went north to Gull Lake. Originally, I thought I would go and check out Sylvan Lake until I realized that it was packed with condos, pubs and restaurants and thousands of people. It was not quite what I was looking for. The only campground that I could find around the Lake (called Jarvis Bay) was full so I continued on to Gull Lake where I found a spot. I got the very last site available in the Brewers campground which is located inside the Aspen Provincial Park. It was a very nice campground - it even had showers which is so nice after you area all sweaty from biking, hiking and driving all day! There was a nice beach, but was quite shallow so not great for swimming, but very nice for wading around in.

I also visited the town of Lacombe which apparantly some magazine named one of the 10 prettiest cities in Canada. I'm not sure I'd put it in my own top ten, however it was very beautiful with it's old and well cared for downtown buildings.
I also went to the town's local Corn Maze! There was four acres of corn with a three part maze cut into it! It was rather incredible! I did the phase one of the maze where you find five checkpoints within the maze and answer questions which, if you answer correctly, will point you in the correct direction. It was fun!
I made a friend at this corn farm! He was so cute and a true believer that the grass is better on the other side of the fence!


Blogger Amelia Earhart said...

The Corn Maze sounds really fun. I'd like to go there some day!

05 September, 2007 10:05  

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